Prominent Ear Correction

Prominent ears, also known as protruding ears, Dumbo ears, or bat ears, is when one or both baby ears stick out or are larger than the average ear. Some physicians also describe it as a cup ear. 

Causes of Prominent Ear

  • Not having a fold in the ear (antihelical fold) which prevents it from folding backwards.
  • Having an enlarged concha, which is the bowl-shaped part of the middle of the ear. 
  • A cup ear is a severe form of prominent ear where the entire outer rim of the ear is tight and curls forward. The earlobe is often pushed upwards and can partially block the ear canal.

Prominent Baby Ear

Prominent Baby Ear

Cup Ear Deformity

Cup Ear Deformity

Do Babies Grow Into Their Ears?

Two large studies in Texas and Canada showed that some mild ear deformities will correct on their own in the first week after birth. However, after about 7-10 days of age, the ears will no longer change shape and the deformity will stay as it is.

The old adage that babies grow into their ears is NOT true.

The deformity will stay the same unless it is molded early in life, or surgically corrected later in life. As the baby gets older and his/her hair grows, this partially covers the ears, which may make it less noticeable. 

Prominent Ear after Ear Molding

Prominent Ear after Ear Molding

Contact Us - Prominent Ear Correction

If your baby was born with prominent ears, consider non-surgical ear molding. Time is of the essence. We perform the molding procedure at the first office visit. We will obtain insurance approval before your first visit. Call us for more information – (413) 200-9906

MA Plastic Surgery PLLC

Dr. Shareef Jandali is a board-certified plastic surgeon with the skills and training necessary to correct and treat all ear deformities. He is affiliated with several prestigious organizations:

  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Northeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • University of Pennsylvania

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